3 Great Hair Care Tips For Washing And Detangling Your Child’s Hair

It seems everyone has their own set of hair care tips and recommendations when it comes to taking care of their little girl’s hair. Probably because it can be a daunting task that can make a grown man crynot to mention his adorable daughter! It’s important to find a hair care routine that works for you and your precious daughter while minimizing discomfort and the stress it can cause her and you. Fortunately, there are great products that don’t cost a fortune and a few easy hair care tips you can incorporate into your routine to make this less stressful for everyone.


Detangling can be the worst part of anyone’s day. Try to not think of it that way, but instead go into it with a “spa day” type attitude and convey that to your little girl. It’s her day to shine and have her hair look its healthy best! Experts recommend dividing hair into sections and applying products that will create slip between those strands. Spray a light mist of a gentle detangler, likethis one with natural ingredients like olive and sunflower oil. Manipulate the detangler into the strands from mid-strand out to the ends. Using a wide-tooth comb, start at the ends and work down the hair strand to the scalp, separating any strands that are tangling. Finally, comb from scalp to ends and repeat in each section.


Generally speaking, a weekly wash is recommended in order to keep scalp clean and remove oil, sweat and product build up.Concentrating on the scalp, and out to mid strand, apply a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo(that won’t rob your little girl’s hair of essential oils and moisture.) Next, gently shampoo the remainder of the strand without too much mushing of the ends. Rinse well and repeat if necessary using half as much shampoo. Be sure to rinse well so that shampoo is left behind on hair and scalp. Not rinsing well can cause dullness to hair and flaking on the scalp.


When you are finished with a thorough rinse, you are ready to condition. Wrap your little girl’s hair in a micro fiber towel to prevent hair splits and torn ends. Gently squeeze the towel and the water will flow into the towel but moisture will remain in the hair. This technique will ensure your daughter’s hair retains a smooth cuticle.

Divide hair into sections again and apply conditioner starting 1 inch from the scalp. Using your hands apply down to 1 inch from ends, and use your wide tooth comb to  comb conditioner through the same way you detangled. Notice how the ends and the scalp have gotten condition without direct application. To ensure best penetration, cover with a plastic conditioning cap and wait for the allotted time. Remove cap, Rinse well until hair is free of conditioner and the water is clear.

Again wrap your daughter’s hair in the microfiber towel and squeeze gently, allowing the water to come out and the moisture to stay in. Do not rub the towel on her hair as this can cause longitudinal tears and splits that make frizzy hair.

As a final treat, mist your baby girls’ hair with Olive and Sunflower Leave In to increase manageability and shine!

Hopefully these great hair care tips and recommendations help you develop a consistent hair care routine that works for both you and your little princess!