6 Ways To Get Your Shine Back With Your Natural Hair Care Routine

Lots of women are opting for natural hair these days and loving their look, but many ask how they can get their tresses to shine with their natural hair care products. We all know that straighter hair reflects light better, and porous, thick hair can tend to have a dull look, but there are certainly ways to impart shine to natural, curly hair. There are many variables that determine shine, like hair texture, hair porosity, and even hair color (darker shades tend to reflect light better than lighter shades.) All of these characteristics can all affect your shine factor. Although you cannot change what Mother Nature gave you, you can try these natural hair care tips to add shine to dull, dry natural hair.

  1. Use natural oils to seal in moisture – Natural oils like olive oil and argan oil can impart shine to natural hair. Some find that certain oils provide better results than others, but luckily there are many different natural oils to choose from so it’s easy to find the oil that best suits your hair type. When using twists or braids, be sure to use your favorite oil as you unravel to add luster to your curls.
  2. Cold water rinse – On wash day, use a final cold water rinse as your last step. Cold water seals the cuticle making hair shinier and smoother.
  3. Minimize heat styling – When possible, don’t use your heat diffuser and allow your curls to air dry. Heat drying can suck the moisture right out of your hair, leaving it dull and lacking luster.
  4. Condition your entire head root to tip – Find the best natural hair care product for your hair type and condition your entire head. Deep conditioning and leave-in products can help restore shine and manageability to dull, dry hair.
  5. Trim off damaged ends – As much as we try to prevent them, split and damaged ends have a way of showing up. If you see damaged, brittle, split ends, trim them lightly as you style.
  6. Get rid of product buildup – If you’re using a sulfate-free shampoo and heavy conditioning regimen, you may suffer from product buildup. Use a cider vinegar rinse to smooth out the cuticle and remove excess product that can build up over time.

There are lots of great natural hair care products out there for you to try in your quest for shiny, healthy looking, natural hair. Our best advice is to always remember: Every woman’s hair is different and unique, and what works for one woman may not work for another. Try some different natural hair care products if you are frustrated by dry, dull tresses, and let us know if some of these tips work for you!

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