Facial Care For Men 101 – Beard Styles To Keep You Looking SharpAfterMovember

In the spirit of the Movember movement, we’re going to take a look at facial care for men, in particular, beard styles for men. Movember is a great movement raising awareness for men’s health. You’ll see Al Roker sporting a beard this month on the Today show, and dare I say,does it make him look slimmer? Let’s face it, facial care for men can be complicated…razor bumps and razor burn can affect men at any stage in life, and can be difficult to treat and prevent. Deciding on what beard style to rock depends on so many things. Is your face square or round, do you have full or patchy hair growth, do you have a strong chin and jawline, do you have a shaved head, are you battling razor bumps. There are just so many factors involved in deciding what type of beard style to try. Here are a few styles to consider as you look into facial care for men.

Full beard – Of course with Movember in mind, the manliest of men can go with the full beard. This may be a great course of action if you are suffering from razor bumps. Full beards really look good on any shape face and are considered a statement of manliness. This look works best on men with good facial hair coverage and growth.

Chin strap – A chin strap is a statement look that requires precise maintenance and specialized shaving implements. It runs along the jawline with a defined line and can be worn thick or thin, depending on facial shape. If your face is rounded, sport the thicker strap, rather than the thin strap, which works better on thin, chiseled facial features.

Soul Patch/Chin Strip – The soul patch and its longer version, the chin strip are often seen on younger men, or guys wanting to have an edgy appearance. The soul patch is a small patch of hair just below the lower lip. The longer chin strip extends down toward the downward curve of the chin.

Goatee – Goatees are popular styles that can be modified into different versions, including Circle beard, Royal beard, Petite Goatee, VanDyke. Goatees are good choices for men with lighter growth patterns on the cheeks and they are also great for men without a strong chin or jawline.The Van Dyke version includes a mustache that is separated from the chin hair while the circle beard encircles the mouth with the mustache and chin hair coming together.

Reality is that facial care for men is often under the radar and confusing. Razor bumps can be difficult to prevent and treat without the right products, razor choices are endless (see our recent blog posts on razor types deconstructed here) and choosing the right facial hairstyle to best suit your face can be difficult. Don’t forget, with these beard styles, you’ll need a good moisturizing product like our Bump Patrol Pre-Shave Oil which can serve the dual purpose of pre-shave treatment and beard treatment to keep your skin and beardmoisturized, fresh and free from flakes. Check out some of these styles to see what look suits you best, and of course, find the one that your lady likes too!