Fight The Summer Frizz With These Natural Hair Care Tips

Summer didn’t waste any time hitting us with its one – two punch of heat and humidity…the two environmental factors that can wreak havoc on our hair care routines!  If you’re a curly girl, or anyone concerned with beating the summer frizz factor, we’ve got some great remedies for you!  Luckily there are natural hair care tips and ingredients that are perfect for fighting frizz that will leave your hair feeling and looking its healthy and shiny best.  Here are our best natural hair care tips and products to fight frizz this summer and have your hair looking and feeling its healthy, shiny best!

Start with the poo

On shampoo day, make sure you are using a sulfate free, moisturizing shampoo.  Harsh ingredients like sulfates in shampoo can strip hair of its natural oils and rough up the cuticle, leaving hair dry, damaged and more susceptible to the effects of humidity.  Don’t shampoo too frequently and avoid using a towel to dry your hair after your shower.  Instead, use a T shirt or microfiber towel and gently squeeze moisture from your hair rather than rubbing.

Look for the best natural hair care ingredients

If you’re looking to fight frizz this summer, first off, the healthier the hair the better your chances are of fighting frizz.  Dry, dull, damaged hair will look frizzy under any conditions, but even more so in the heat and humidity of the summer months.  Look for natural hair care ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil to repair, rebuild and moisturize hair.  Shea butter and coconut products are naturally rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help to rebuild, strengthen and protect hair.  We’ve got an entire line of natural hair care products with shea and coconut!  Check out our new Shea& Coconut Flat Out Frizz Fighter to help repair, rebuild, moisturize and fight frizz!

Deep condition

It’s always important to use a deep conditioner as a regular part of your natural hair care routine.  Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.  If you find you need a deep conditioner once or twice a month, look for a really deep conditioning treatment like this one that you can do at home, with milk protein and olive oil that will help stop breakage and promote growth and health of your hair.

Beat the heat

As much as possible, avoid heat styling your hair.  Heat from dryers and irons can damage hair, causing breakage and loss of elasticity, which can increase the frizzy appearance of hair.  If you cannot avoid heat styling, use a heat protectant product to help minimize damage and watch the temperatures…the higher the heat, the greater the damage.

Sleep like a princess

Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase every night to stop breakage and pulling that is caused by cotton pillow cases.  Satin pillowcases are good for both your skin and your hair, so the benefits of sleeping on satin or silk are two fold!

So there you have it…our best natural hair care tips and ingredients to help you fight frizz this summer!  Stay cool and frizz free this summer with our natural hair care products, all available online at affordable prices through this link.

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Looking for great tips and natural hair care products to fight frizz this summer?  Here are our frizz fighting tips!

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