Get Healthy, Long Hair for your Little Girl

One of the biggest concerns of parents of young girls and their hair is how to get it to grow longer and healthier. There are several ways that you can achieve growth in your girl’s hair but it takes time and maintenance. With proper care and following the healthy hair tips we’ve outlined it can assist you in retaining length in her hair.

Washing and Detangling

Keep her hair clean. Dirty hair gets lots of build-up and doesn’t hold onto product as well as clean hair. Their is a balance though, washing too much strips the hair of it’s natural oils and makes it too dry. Aim for washing every other week. This leads to detangling. Never use a comb or brush on your girl’s hair before detangling. Use your fingers in shampooed and conditioned hair that is damp and gently remove any knots you may find.

Protective Styling

We’ve discussed the importance of protective styling in other posts on our blog. It’s so important for a little girl’s hair, especially if you want to see growth. Avoid making braids too tight, especially around the hairline where hair is more prone to breakage and hair loss. Beads, barrettes and rubber bands are cute in the protective style but they cause a lot of damage. The pulling and weight of them damages the hair and it becomes dry and brittle which then leads to damage. The hair accessories are cute, but leave them out.

Most Importantly, Moisturize!

I can’t stress enough the importance of moisturizing, especially in a protective style. The best moisturizer is water. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water, add a couple of drops of conditioner to it if you like. Spray the mixture on her hair, focusing on edges, the nape and ends. After spritzing with water, seal in the moisture with a butter or oil product. Make this a daily routine to see really healthy hair.

Protect the Hair While Sleeping

Your little girl’s hair needs to be protected while sleeping. Loose hair while sleeping not only ruins the hairdo but also leads to breakage. Secure her hair in a satin bonnet or scarf and have her sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases absorbs the hair’s natural oils and moisture leading to dry and brittle hair.

Dont Wear the Hair Loose

To achieve maximum hair growth don’t let her wear her hair out and loose for an extended amount of time. Loose hair is more prone to tangles. Loose styles include afros, puffs, curls and twist-outs. Keep it in a protective style. Leave the style in for about 2 months and then take it our and have them wear in a poof for about a week and then put in another protective style.

Length Retention

With proper hair care and maintenance you can achieve length retention in your girl’s hair. The most important tip to remember is to moisturize. Dry hair won’t grow and will break and fall out. Be careful of heat styling too, it weakens the hair shaft. Follow the healthy hair tips we’ve outlined and be patient and you’ll see your baby’s hair grow long and beautiful!

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