Hair Care For Men – From Shaved Heads To Dreads & All The Styles In Between

It’s a new year, and if you’re into hair care for men, it’s the perfect time to consider a new style to spice up your lookin 2016. Your look is as individual as you are and your hairstyle tells people your story up front. It’s important to find that signature style for 2016 and the proper hair care for men (not your lady’s products) to maintain that style. From shaved heads to dreads, here are some popular looks you can try this year and special hair care products for men to help you look your best no matter which style you choose.

Dreads – The rise of rapper FettyWap is one of the biggest music stories of 2015, and he isn’t the only one rocking dreads these days. Top male models Asher Mitchel and CyKeem White both rock the sexy/grunge look with their dreads. Dreads require a level of hair care for men that many aren’t accustomed to. First, you must have sufficient growth to form twists or braids. You have to wash your dreads with a lock-friendly shampoo that won’t detangle your dreads. After washing, you’ll need to moisturize your dreads to prevent frizz and breakage. Look for an oil moisturizing spray to keep scalp and locks moisturized and style with a wax containing natural tea tree oil. Hair care for men can take on a whole new meaning with dreads, so do your research and be prepared before you rock this grunge look in 2016.

Full shave – If you want a signature look or if you have a receding hairline or alopecia, this may be the look for you. It may seem you won’t need hair care if you’re shaving your head, but caring for your scalp is just as important as hair care for men. You need to clean your scalp, moisturize it, protect it from the sun and massage your scalp to increase blood flow. As with your face, be sure to shave with the grain, not against, to prevent razor bumps. If you do suffer from razor bumps, here’s a great product specially formulated to treat razor bumps quickly.

Fade – There are many varieties of the fade, and surely this style will not fade out in 2016. You can wear side fade, back fade, a low fade, high fade, off center fade, fade with shaved part or designs and of course you can go from tight cut to full afro up on top depending on the look you want.If you want a trendy, yet professional look try some short twists on top with your faded sides. Form your twists with gel for shine and hold.

South of France – This trendy hairstyle can also be called the Gentlemen’s Mohawk or the Usher cut (as the name implies, made famous by Usher.) This style is really a wider Mohawk, which can vary in length up on top, showing off natural coils or a closer cut. The sides are tapered down, giving a refined, classy look.

Side part – With all the hype over the Star Wars movie release over the holidays, it’s no surprise the stars of the new blockbuster film are in the spotlight. At the movie premiere, John Boyega, appeared suave in a purple tux jacket and for hair, he looked great with his soft lines and shaved side part.

Don’t be afraid to get into hair care for men in 2016 and find that signature look. There are product lines specially formulated for men these days so you don’t have to go digging into your lady’s products to care for your hair. Check out our full lines of skin care for men and hair care for men and rock your masculine style in 2016.