Hair Care, the Man Way of Styling

So me and my boys are riding around and old favorite comes on the radio…“We like ‘dem boys up top from the BK. Low cut Caesars wit the deep waves (deep waves)”

When it’s over, we all fist bump and laugh and think about what we were doing when that song first came out. This led us into talking about our hair and asking where we got our hair cut and what products we use to keep our waves. A guy in the back says that not everyone likes a wave, some of us like our hair twisted. A quick look around the truck revealed two short fro’s , a twist, locks, a short Caesar with deep waves and a bald fade. Just in our group of six everyone had a different style with different styling product needs.


Guys Styling Questions

All the hair talk naturally resulted in questions about availability of styling items for guys. Yeah, the ladies can get their products from the salon, but what about us guys? Where do we go to get the right products? How do we find about what works for our different styles? Your barber probably just knows what number bad to use on you to get that perfect fade you like, but hair care products? That ain’t his thing. If you’re still using the same stuff you did in high school, it may not be the right thing now for your style and your hair. Let’s be honest guys, you need to care about your hair. Why? Because ladies care about your hair. Your hairstyle, or lack thereof, makes an impression on the opposite sex. What does yours say about yourself?

Know Your Hair

Before you pick the hair products you need, you need to know your hair type. Just like not everyone has the same the of hair, not every hair product works on every type of hair. Figure out if you have fine, curly or straight hair or maybe you have a combination. This helps in picking the right cut for your hair and your face, from there you can pick the product that enhances your cut.

Styling Products

Have you ever really looked at all the styling products available? It can be confusing if you’re new to the game. There’s wax, gel, pomade, clay, putty, paste and that’s just getting started. How do you know what does what and what do you really need? Back to riding around with my guys, the talk quickly went to what products we used. The driver says he swears by Stylin’ Dreadz products. They carry a full line of products for men that starts with keeping it clean with their shampoos and conditioners. They have styling tools to get those deep waves and even twists. The molding tools help with locks and other natural styles. The products are specially formulated for the African American man’s hair which tends to be dry and curly. Basically everything a guy needs for his hair. All these products are available online, a few clicks and your products will be at your front door in a few days.Then you’ll be that well-groomed man you want to be.