Has Summer Fun Taken Its Toll On Your Daughter’s Hair? Try These Natural Hair Care Products.

We all know how much fun summer can be, especially for our kids, but all that summer fun can lead to damaged hair and have many a parent running for natural hair care products to repair damaged hair for their kids.  There are plenty of products out there to repair damaged hair, but your little princess deserves natural hair care products specially formulated for her…even if it wasn’t princess-like behavior that got her in this situation in the first place.

Today, our daughters are more active than ever and those activities can take their toll on her hair.  Chlorine, salt water, sweat, products and manipulation can damage our daughter’s hair and leave you searching for hair regrowth products and damaged hair repair.  Does your daughter demand the latest styles or hair accessories like beads, bands, or colored extensions?  If so, you may be finding her hair damaged due to these “fun” accessories or simply from her summer fun activities like swimming.  No matter the source of the damage, we know too much summer fun can be hard to recover from, especially when it comes to hair, so we’re going to introduce a few natural hair care products specially formulated to repair your daughter’s damaged hair.


If your goal is to repair damaged hair for your little girl, you need to prevent further damage that can be caused by harsh ingredients like sulfates found in shampoos.  Sulfates, which are found in detergents, are harsh on hair, robbing hair of its moisture and stripping hair of its natural oils.  On shampoo day, make sure you wash her hair with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo with natural ingredients formulated for kids like our Olive & Sunflower Oil CombEasy Shampoo.  It’s full of natural ingredients designed to strengthen young hair, promote flexibility and manageability, and it doesn’t contain any of the harsh ingredients found in other shampoos.


Everyone knows the value of a really great conditioner, but if you’re looking to repair damaged hair for your baby girl, you’ll want a nourishing product designed specifically for little ones that will strengthen and condition hair, repair damage and promote growth with proven ingredients like shea butter and Omega 3.  Our Shea Butter Damage Repair Treatment fits the bill exactly and will restore luster to your daughter’s hair and will help moisturize both her hair and scalp.

Hair Regrowth Products:

If you’re struggling with hair regrowth for your daughter, we’ve got some great products for you.  If all that summer fun has lead to loss of elasticity and breakage, you may want to try our Growth Oil or Olive Oil Growth Lotion.  Both are formulated with Omega 3s and are specially formulated to increase follicle health, promote healthy growth and stop breakage.  If temple and nape areas are problematic for your little girl, we’ve also got a great product Temple and Nape Gro with Almond Butter to target these problem areas, promoting growth, rebuilding and strengthening hair.

We all know how fun summer can be, but if you’re left searching for damaged hair repair now that summer is coming to a close, fear not!  All of our natural hair care products are affordable and available online through this convenient link.