It’s Your Hair Ladies! Rock A Style & Hair Care Routine That Work For You

Well, there’s nothing like a great awards show to get the fashion and hair care industry all in a tizz!  Although last week’s big awards show, The Grammys, was arguably a little ho hum, the hair care industry was left with a lot to talk about.  Zendaya appeared with a David Bowie inspired blonde mullet and Janelle Monáe was the perfect combination of glam and adorable with her super thick braided pigtails.  Mya rocked her curls off to the side while quite a few showed off soft, straight updos and low ponies.  This just proves that your hair care routine and look is as individual as you and no matter what look you choose, straight or natural, up or down, do what works for you and what makes you feel beautiful.

Straight Shooting

Sometimes curly girls just want a different look…for the long haul or just for a few days.  No matter if you chemically alter your hair or straighten with heat, you’re going to risk damaging your hair.  To minimize damage from heat, make sure you are using the proper irons that distribute heat evenly and have a temperature control to make sure you take proper precautions.

Non-plated ceramic or titanium irons will help ensure proper heat distribution. Generally, the higher the heat, the more damage you will inflict, BUT if your heat is too low, requiring multiple passes, this can also be damaging. Also, ensure your hair is properly conditioned  (with a really deep conditioner). After rinsing your deep conditioner seal in all the benefits with Leave In Conditioner. Before applying heat  use a heat protector  to prevent damaging hair with blow dryer or irons.

Rocking The Curls

If you’re rocking the natural, curly girl look…good for you!   It may have taken a while to come up with just the right hair care routine for your curly hair.  If you’re looking to have added strength, elasticity and shine for your curls, look for products containing Moroccan Argan Oil and Olive Oil to give your curls that super shine and lustrous look.

If you’re transitioning you’re going to want to maximize your growth potential with the right hair care products.  Be sure you are using a gentle shampoo that is free from sulfates, which can strip hair of its natural oils and cause breakage.  Use growth products infused with milk protein and olive oil to help your hair resist breakage and deep condition regularly.

Taking A Break

Protective styles are not only fashionable, but offer you and your hair a break from daily manipulation.  There are so many different protective styles to choose from, you can definitely find a style that works for you and gives you that signature look.  Check our recent blog post, “Protective Styles 101 For Healthy Hair” for a few hair care tips for protective styling.

With the right hair care routine, you can rock your style however you like! Just make sure you are doing your best to promote the health of your hair with your diet and your hair care routine. Just remember, your hair care choices are YOURS alone…so do what makes YOU feel good and wear your choices confidently!