Keep It Smooth This Holiday Season With These Skin Care Tips For Men

It’s that time of year, the holiday season is upon us and you need proper skin care techniques to be looking your best for all those holiday parties. Yes, I’m talking to you men out there! Men need a proper skin care routine just as much as women do, but unlike skin care for women, there’s just not as much out there for guys. Men have their own issues as far as skin care goes: razor burn, razor bumps, dry skin, beardruff, and shaving are all issues men have to deal with on a daily basis. Let’s face it, we all want to look our best during the holiday season, and your face is the first thing everyone will see, so let’s keep it looking good with these skin care basics for men.


Well, if you’ve been following along, we’ve covered this topic with lots of great expert advice from how to choose a razor, to how to shave properly to prevent razor bumps. For most men, shaving is part of their daily routine. Basically, it comes down to a few basic skin care tips for shaving:

  1. Use proper tools to shave – use the links above for more details on selecting razors.
  2. Use proper technique – (go with the grain) for more details read this blog post.
  3. Use proper products – like a great shave gel or shave oil to prepare the skin for shaving.


Especially during the dry winter months, it’s important to use a good natural moisturizer as part of your daily skin care routine. The best moisturizer contains natural, soothing ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile, and of course, even in winter, you need sun protection, so look for SPF in your moisturizer as well.


If you want your skin to look its best in the winter, you can start with your diet. In addition to keeping up with your water intake during the day, try to have a well-balanced diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids (found in certain nuts and fish) antioxidants (found in fruits and veggies like strawberries, blue and blackberries, and artichokes) and Vitamins A and B, and selenium.1

Razor Bumps

One of the top skin care issues men face is irritating razor bumps and razor burn. Not only are razor bumps irritating and painful, they are not a look we want to be sporting during the holidays…or ever for that matter! If you’re using the shaving tips above, hopefully you can prevent razor bumps, but if you’re that unlucky guy that suffers from them no matter what, try a product that will heal and prevent razor bumps and burn quickly, like this one, with results after the first shave.

Beard Maintenance

Beards must be maintained too. They need to be shampooed with gentle shampoo (don’t use bar soap, as it can dry out your face), conditioned, and the skin beneath the beard need to be moisturized too. Winter skin can be dry, flaky and itchy, so don’t risk this by not caring for your beard…as no one wants to have beardruff! Look for a beard oil with natural ingredients (not chock full of fragrances that can be detrimental to both skin and hair) to both soften the hair and moisturize the skin beneath.

So there you have it…the skin care routine to keep even the manliest men looking smooth through the holiday season!