Nourish Your Daughter’s Hair This Winter With These Hair Care Tips

Brrrrr…the artic has not yet released its grip on us here in the South, regardless of what the groundhog said, and so many of us are looking for skin and hair care tips to help us survive the brutalities of winter weather. I know my hands are suffering with dry, cracked skin so you can imagine the toll this weather is taking on our daughters’ skin and hair. Typically, our kids are exposed to the elements more than we are as adults and in the winter months, dry hair and breakage can become a problem for our little girls. Here are some hair care tips to help you care for your daughter’s hair during these dry, brutal winter months.

Wash naturally

Washing frequently with harsh ingredients like sulfates can remove beneficial oils and strip our daughter’s hair of moisture. Washing frequency is of course, dependent on many variables, like our daughter’s cleanliness (hey, we all know girls like to play in the mud) activity level, and of course hair type. All of these play a role on how often we need to wash our daughter’s hair. When you do choose to wash, it’s important to wash with a gentle, natural shampoo that is free from sulfates and other harsh ingredients. Look for a gentle shampoo with nourishing ingredients like olive oil and sunflower oil, to strengthen and nourish hair, giving it increased flexibility and manageability.


Winter is a great time of year to get into a good conditioning routine with your daughter. Look for a conditioner like our Olive & Sunflower Oil Hair and Scalp Nourisher specially formulated for children, with a special blend of oils that help to strengthen and protect your daughter’s hair and scalp. To deep condition your daughter’s hair, detangle and apply conditioner to damp hair that has been sectioned. Apply a shower cap and allow conditioner to deeply penetrate her hair for 20-30 minutes while applying low, controlled heat, with a diffuser or hooded dryer. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt.

Protect during the day

If you’re looking for hair care tips to help with growth and length restoration, try a protective style for your little girl’s hair. Protective styles, as the name implies help to protect hair from the damage caused by daily manipulation. There are tons of great protective styles to choose from and Pinterest is a great resource to use for ideas. For hair care tips on protective styling, read our blog post “Protective Styling For Little Girl’s Hair.”

Protect while they sleep

Be sure to protect your little girl’s hair while she sleeps too. Wrapping her hair in a satin scarf or bonnet will protect her hair from the damage her cotton bedding can inflict while she sleeps. Alternatively, you can get her a satin pillowcase to sleep on. They are affordable and come in a variety of fun colors she can choose from.

With the right hair care tips in hand, you can help nourish your daughter’s hair the remainder of winter and start spring off with less damage and breakage.   These hair care tips and suggested products aren’t expensive or hard to find either…look for our great Sofnfreen’Pretty products online, specially formulated for little girls.