This product really works. I have used it for three years and it has never failed. Nothing else even comes close to Bump Patrol. - James A. Wooten, Original Strength

I’ve tried many after shaves. Of all of them, Bump Patrol has given me the best results. My face isn’t so irritated anymore. - Victor M. Ramos, Original Strength

If you suffer from razor bumps and want to get rid of this, this is your product! - Paul A. Vincent, Sensitive Formula

Highly recommended. Have tried other products and all the Bump Patrol formulations, this is by far the best. - Ecuhanddoc, Maximum Strength

I have used this product for several years now. It is the most effective shaving gel for defense of Razor Bumps. I have to order online because my local stores do not carry it. Each time I have ordered online, it has been at a low price and quickly delivered. - GR8 Product, Cool Shave Gel
I have used Bump Patrol and the problems I had with my skin are history. My face is smoother and brighter. - Daniel, Original Strength

The product has been good for me, as you can see… I have no bumps!! The product is way better than Magic Shave, Bump Stopper II and others. - Dennis, Original Strength

I am a stand-up comedian and a radio personality so I am in front of 1,000 people every day and the joke can never be on me and my face! I use Bump Patrol on my face and bald head. - Carlos, Original Strength

This stuff does exactly what it says it does. Thirteen years in the military has taken its toll on my face and I’ve tried many products. But Bump Patrol is the best and most effective. - Brandon, Original Strength

Thanks to Bump Patrol, I’ve been able to avoid getting ingrown hairs and razor bumps… This is one product I always recommend to anyone who shaves! - Nate, Original Strength


The Milk Protein & Olive Oil créme gave my hair much needed moisturizer, and it smells great.

Shamontiel Vaughn, Chicago Black Hair & Health Examiner

It does make my hair feel nice. It doesn’t feel greasy at all, and it doesn’t stain my curling iron. It’s very very light..

Laurie Preston, Strength & Shine Serum

I really reccomend this product to any one that have breakage and have trouble with those frustrating hairs it really works for me and I think that it would do the same for u too.

Daneshia Benson, Growth Stimulating Complex

Please! Please! Please! Do NOT discontinue this product! There are no replacements! I’ve searched and cannot find them. I have been using this product since it was on the market.

LeVera Sutton, 2–in–1 Curl Activator Lotion

I first used this product a few months ago, and liked it. And I used it just the other day and even more satisfied. This is the relaxer for me. I have finally found it!! Thank you.

Krystal Johnson, No-Lye Relaxer Regular