Bump Patrol

This product really works. I have used it for three years and it has never failed. Nothing else even comes close to Bump Patrol. -James A. Wooten, Original Strength

I’ve tried many after shaves. Of all of them, Bump Patrol has given me the best results. My face isn’t so irritated anymore. -Victor M. Ramos, Original Strength

If you suffer from razor bumps and want to get rid of this, this is your product! -Paul A. Vincent, Sensitive Formula

Highly recommended. Have tried other products and all the Bump Patrol formulations, this is by far the best. -Ecuhanddoc, Maximum Strength

I have used this product for several years now. It is the most effective shaving gel for defense of Razor Bumps. I have to order online because my local stores do not carry it. Each time I have ordered online, it has been at a low price and quickly delivered. -GR8 Product, Cool Shave Gel

Excellent product!!! I’ve been using this gel and the aftershave treatment for about 5 years now and haven’t had a razor bump in 5 years! Before that, it was so bad that the scarring is just now going away. -Marlon Millhouse, Original Strength

I have used Bump Patrol and the problems I had with my skin are history. My face is smoother and brighter. -Daniel, Original Strength

The product has been good for me, as you can see… I have no bumps!! The product is way better than Magic Shave, Bump Stopper II and others. -Dennis, Original Strength

I am a stand-up comedian and a radio personality so I am in front of 1,000 people every day and the joke can never be on me and my face! I use Bump Patrol on my face and bald head.- Carlos, Original Strength

This stuff does exactly what it says it does. Thirteen years in the military has taken its toll on my face and I’ve tried many products. But Bump Patrol is the best and most effective. -Brandon, Original Strength

Thanks to Bump Patrol, I’ve been able to avoid getting ingrown hairs and razor bumps… This is one product I always recommend to anyone who shaves! -Nate, Original Strength

Husband swears by this. Says it really helps to reduce those ingrown hairs. -P. Gordon

Had razor bumps 1 month later I have none what,else is there to say? -James

This stuff is awesome, I have very sensitive skin and it keeps me from getting razor bumps “down there”. I would recommend it to anyone who experiences irritation after shaving. It has a bit of a strong alcohol odor, and it burns if it gets in any nicks or cuts, but as long as you’re careful it’s totally worth it! -Vince

Been shaving since 18yrs old, now 57. Started using this product February 2015 and 2months later I gotta say this is the 1st time in my shaving life I’ve been bump free for so long. Kinda pricey & the “pickle juice” smell ain’t that appealing but the long term results are well worth it. I HIGHLY recommend this product!! -JayHam

I had terrible bump issues years ago but I discovered “Bump Patrol” and for about 15 years I have been bump free. -Mickey



The Milk Protein & Olive Oil créme gave my hair much needed moisturizer, and it smells great.

-Shamontiel Vaughn, Chicago Black Hair & Health Examiner

It does make my hair feel nice. It doesn’t feel greasy at all, and it doesn’t stain my curling iron. It’s very very light. -Laurie Preston, Strength & Shine Serum

I really reccomend this product to any one that have breakage and have trouble with those frustrating hairs it really works for me and I think that it would do the same for u too. -Daneshia Benson, Growth Stimulating Complex

Please! Please! Please! Do NOT discontinue this product! There are no replacements! I’ve searched and cannot find them. I have been using this product since it was on the market. -LeVera Sutton, 2–in–1 Curl Activator Lotion

I first used this product a few months ago, and liked it. And I used it just the other day and even more satisfied. This is the relaxer for me. I have finally found it!! Thank you. -Krystal Johnson, No-Lye Relaxer Regular


Sofn'Free GroHealthy

The Milk Protein & Olive Oil créme gave my hair much needed moisturizer, and it smells great. -Shamontiel Vaughn, Chicago Black Hair & Health Examiner

…an added bonus, it smells kind of like cake batter. -Joi Ennis, The Anti Hair Slave

Try the Really Deep Conditioning Treatment before you go out for your hot date – your hair will be feel soft, and it’ll smell like dessert. -Patrice Grell Yursik, AOL Black Voices – BV Hair Talk

Milk & Olive Daily Growth Lotion is light, absorbs quickly, and leaves a layer of moisture and sheen. It also isn’t laden with the chemically, unattractive scent that often comes with such products. Try it; buy it! -LesNieces, Milk & Olive Daily Growth Lotion

Most deep conditioners that i’ve tryed in the past left my hair tangled and dry after I rinsed it out. This deep conditoner left my hair soft and untangled. I love it! -Andrea Thomas, Milk & Olive Deep Conditioning Treatment

Sofn’free GroHealthy Milk Protein and Olive Oil products are new to my hair arsenal, but are helping me survive the weather’s hissy fits looking frizz free and fly. -Patrice Grell Yursik, Afrobella

M&M Products is a brand that consistently formulates hair care products that make your hair’s health its primary concern. - Del Sandeen, About.com Black Hair

I use this (Milk & Olive Strengthening Créme) after I wash my hair, and throughout the week when my hair feels dry. I have very thick, dry, coarse hair, and this keeps my hair moisturized and soft. It even soothes my scalp. For the price, it is a miracle and it doesn’t contain mineral oil or petroleum. I recommend this to everyone and will definitely continue to use it. -RN, Milk & Olive Strengthening Créme

Ok I usually don’t write reviews for any products bc it’s a waste of time. I had to write a review for this one. I put texturizer on my hair 2 years ago then I had a relaxer then went back to texturizer. My glair messed up real bad like whenever I shampooed my hair it would all tangled into a big mess that took me hours to detangled, it did not get any better + my hair was falling out. I didn’t like washing my hair at all for that reason so I decided to go natural mostly bc my hair was falling out + I could not go anywhere near water bc my hair is so thin ( my natural hair is thick) & so easily to break. Right now I am transitioning, last time I had any chemicals in my hair was 4 months ago. I didn’t really care for my hair until I went into this journey so I decided to look up stuff I can buy that’ll stop my hair from breaking. I came across a vid on YouTube that said always buy Deep conditioners so I searched up deep conditioners on here. I usually buy something based on how many stars the item have or the reviews, this one had a lot of stars + it has protein in it. I bought bc I needed a conditioner, not in a million years would I think this product would make my hair so soft. I put that on my hair yesterday, I thought I was dreaming bc my hair was so soft & I could actually finger comb which I could never do before. My hair is so bouncy & has volume. I had less breakage & it was manageable. It was my first time yesterday putting it on my hair, it’s fine if u don’t want to buy it, but give it a try even if it’s a little too pricey. It’s worth the money, I am re-purchasing another one bc the thought of never using this kills me. -Frantz

I have used a lot of conditioners made for African Americans. You name it, CPR, Elasta, Dr. Miracles, etc. This conditioner is really really good. First, you do not need any heat on your hair with this. Just put it on after your shampoo and rinse. Put a plastic cap over your head and let it set for a bit. I usually leave it for at least 30 minutes while I watch TV. Rinse this out with nice warm water. Rinse alot. After that I just spray a leave in conditoner like Motions Moisture Plus in and comb and go. My hair comes out nice and soft and looks thick. (I have fine hair). I am reordering today and just wanted to give this product its due credit. I also use the conditioning shampoo and there is a leave-in that I am ordering today. -By Amazon Customer



First of all, you can spray this formula just once and the hair was detangled without a lot of massaging or combing. I could comb through her hair without the tears. It creates a beautiful shine and it is not oily!! -K. White, Olive Oil Detangler

…when my daughter came home from school smiling because several people told her how beautiful her hair was and that she should wear it down more often, there is no price I wouldn’t pay! What a true compliment to this hair care product line! -Priscilla Green, Penny Pinching Diva

I really like the Cucumber Conditioner. It makes my daughter hair soft and it smells good. It’s also very easy to comb through. -Cassie White, Cucumber Conditioner

Try the Really Deep Conditioning Treatment before you go out for your hot date – your hair will be feel soft, and it’ll smell like dessert. -Patrice Grell Yursik, AOL Black Voices – BV Hair Talk

Most deep conditioners that i’ve tryed in the past left my hair tangled and dry after I rinsed it out. This deep conditoner left my hair soft and untangled. I love it! - Andrea Thomas, Milk & Olive Deep Conditioning Treatment 

Very nice shampoo. My tot has a natural and it takes a lot to keep her hair moisturized. This shampoo cleans well without drying her hair out and she loves the smell. -Laurie Preston, Shea Butter Shampoo

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My daughter is biracial (black/white) and I use this on her hair. It smells wonderful and is not too heavy. It also helps to put a light hold in her curls and prevents frizz. I can’t find it locally anymore, so I will be ordering online from now on! -Jill Walker, Carrot Oil Créme

This detangler is the miracle spray. I have tried so many detanglers for my daughters hair, and this is the only one that worked. I just spray her hair and with one brush through no tangles. I just love it. -Rosalia Zerilli-Henry, Olive Oil Detangling Spray

My daughter has very sensitive scalp which is the reason i stopped giving her a relaxer. When i saw this in my local beauty supply and it said sensitive, i had to try it! It worked great, no sores, no burning and my daughter played her game while i was relaxing her hair with no complaints. The last children’s perm i used for her left her hair damaged and her scalp had so many sores that i wasnt even able to comb through her hair. I definately recommend this product and i will be ordering the extras. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! -Shirin Cooks, No-Lye Relaxer Kit, Regular



I love this product, I started using this on my daughter’s hair because her sides were falling out, and she has no perms or anything, I think she is to young for that… It took me a while to find some thing that works for her hair and I am so glad that this is it finally.

Antoinette Turman, Shea Butter Damaged Hair Repair Treatment

This hair moisturizer is the best I’ve found for my little one! My toddler is allergic to everything and this is the one product there was no reaction too. It is amazing and I used it as a hair conditioner/detangler and leave-in for curly and straight hair! It also has a very light, fresh scent, which is why I use it in my long curly hair. This product is petrolatum & mineral oil free. -CurlyQ, Thick & Healthy Olive Oil Cream

I absolutely LOVE this product!! I began using this product because my daughter’s hair was breaking off due to the relaxer used to straighten her hair. I am now transitioning her hair so that her hair can go back to its natural state. My daughter’s hair is very dry and this product has kept her hair moisturized. I noticed after the first week of using this product that her hair is no longer breaking off and now has grown back thick and strong. I will definitely continue to use the GroHealthy Shea Butter Damaged Hair Repair Treatment on my daughter’s hair and recommend it to friends and family. Thank you for making such a great product!! -Tracey Rivers, Shea Butter Damaged Hair Repair Treatment

When I first tried this product I was really amazed at how well it managed my daughter hair. My daughter has really thick and curly hair the moment I appiled the product to her hair it worked instantly. When I first ran out I went back to Wal-mart and was really upset to know that they was all out. Now that I know I can purchase it online I will never have to worry again. I am in love with this product. Thank you. -Salina Clinton, Thick & Healthy Olive Oil Cream

I am all of 20 but I found the gro healthy line for kids to be the lifesaver I was looking for all this while. I have experimented with and have been so discouraged by other products in the past, but the olive oil growth lotion was the best moisturiser I have ever used! It made my hair so soft and manageable throughout the day even in the scorching, humid weather of my hometown in Jamaica. No more hair breaking off when combing, no more crunchy afro puffs, my hair is so supple now! You have a customer for life and I am looking forward to trying the whole line! -Yanique, Kingston, Jamaica

My daughter loves to swim and this past summer she spent a week with a relative and I braided her her hair and when she came back home braids were missing along with her hair. The chemicals from the pool ate her hair, I began using the nape treatment first and I seen a huge difference within the month. I have recently started using the shea butter and I am pleased. Thank you so much for the time and effort with making this special product for my daughter and other darlings around the world. -Alicia, Tampa, Florida


Nothing But

Been doing my locks for a year now and the biggest challenges is that dreadlocks in and of itsself is a free spirit hair choice. Well for me it was. But where I live its not really considered approprate for the corporate world. Its therefore necessary for me to pay attention to proper maintenance and to try to keep it looking as neat as possible during the week days. This has been a challenge as the other products I tried simply did not ‘hold’ my roots for more than a few hours. Until my hair dresser recommended this product and I can get proper hold for days (depending of course on if I sleep with my night cap on). I am now empowered to do my own maintenance and now I only go to the hairdresser for special events or retightening 1 time every 6 weeks instead of twice a month. So happy that I can find it on Amazon. I think it is a bit pricey but you do get value for money so i can live with that. -jaycee

I’m a naturalista and usually put twists in my hair once every six months to give it a break. When I twist my hair I never had the right product. I wanted something that didn’t have petroleum, mineral oil, or parabens; is moisturizing and have a thick consistency. I could never find anything and was about to resort to beeswax. I ran into ‘Mold & Hold’ and decided to give it a try. I AM IN LOVE. It is moisturizing, doesn’t cause flakes, has no harmful ingredients, and is thick enough to hold my hair in place. After I twist my hair its shiny, moisturized, and looks so slick and neat. This is now my staple when twisting my hair. I highly recommend this product. -Nik