Prepare Your Skin For Colder Weather With These Natural Skin Care Tips

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but not so true for your skin! We have reached that time of the year where women everywhere are looking for natural skin care routines to get them through the cold winter months. Even here in the south, the cold weather has arrived and taken its toll on your skin. Dry, cracked lips, rough, chapped hands, and dry flaky patches and bumps on our skin are just a few of the complaints people have this time of year. To help you combat these issues, here are some natural skin care tips and products you can use to get you through these cold, dry winter months.

Avoid hot, long baths or showers

When it’s cold outside, who doesn’t love a nice, long, hot shower or bath? Well, unfortunately, that could be the worst thing for your skin. Long, hot showers or baths can dry out your skin. Of course no one wants to have a cold shower in the winter, but a lukewarm shower or bath is recommended as it won’t be as drying to your skin.

Use a humidifier…properly

When we crank up the heat in our homes to combat the cold outside, we suck the moisture right out at the same time. If you’ve already switched the thermostat to heat in your home, chances are you’ll be looking for natural skin care remedies to soothe your dry skin if you aren’t already! One way to help combat the dry air inside is to use a humidifier to add some moisture back into your home. Not only do humidifiers benefit your skin, they can help prevent nosebleeds, parched, cracked lips and help alleviate symptoms of respiratory issues like colds. Humidifiers must be cleaned and maintained regularlyand moisture levels should be monitored for optimal conditions.

Eat foods with Omega 3 fatty acids

Foods can have benefits for both natural skin care and hair care as well. Look to incorporate foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, salmon, tuna, halibut and fortified cereals and juices. For more information on foods with natural skin care and hair care benefits, check out our recent blog post here.

Use winter to banish dark spots

If you need natural skin care products to help eliminate dark spots and uneven skin tone, winter is a great time to do this. Most of us are not outdoors quite as much this time of year, so this period of lessened outdoor exposure is a great time to use a nourishing cream like this even tone complexion cream with natural skin care ingredients like vitamin B3, vitamin E and super fruit serum to reduce dark spots. Remember it’s important to use a sunscreen when you are outdoors, even in the winter months.


Of course, with the dry conditions of winter and your heated indoor environment, it’s important to drink plenty of water as part of your hair, body, and natural skin care. Keep that H2O flowing for your overall health through the winter months.

Try some of these tips to help you with your natural skin care during these harsh, cold winter months. Don’t forget to check out our entire line of natural skin care products specially formulated to even out skin tone and control oil all year long.