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The Best Hair Conditioning In Each Bottle- Amla Mera Coconut Oil Conditioner with Chia Seed Extract is an excellent hair care product to repair dry and damaged hair. Infused with Vitamin E, antioxidants and oils that can naturally restore. It penetrates into the scalp for a deep, long lasting effect.

Protection For Color Treatment- Acts as a miracle mask that seals luster and brightness with its ultra-rich and balanced blend of minerals.

pH Balanced, Hydrating, Quenching, and Nourishing- Hair damage due to heat and chemicals can be treated with this extra strength formula. This hydrating hair cream repairs, replenishes, moisturizes and nourishes. Your luscious locks will never look and feel better when you add this conditioner to your routine!

Oh-So-Good Aroma- Ultra-rich yet super lightweight, with an irresistible and sweet nutty scent paired with enticing vanilla that will keep your fresh all day long.

Made From Natural, Raw, Sustainable IngredientsThese products are vegan, gluten-free and paraben-free, without silicone and sulphates.

This premium formula has moisturizing elements able to restore and replenish strands with locked-in conditioning for extra soft, shinier hair with a smoother texture.

Here’s to healthier strands, every day.

Pure. Simple. Amla Mera.

Mera Indian Conditioner Chia & Coconut Oil
999 1399

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