Protective Styling for Little Girl’s Hair

For the parent of a young girl, dealing with their hair can be a tiresome job. Wash days can take hours and styling is no fun either. To keep healthy hair for your daughter and to help it grow longer, a protective style is the best solution for everyone. But what about damage cause from braiding and hair accessories? There are ways to combat that and give your little girl beautiful, healthy hair.

Before Braiding

Before starting any braiding or twists, be sure the hair has been conditioned and is healthy to start. If the hair is damaged, braiding will only make the situation worse. If you have relaxed hair, wait at least 2 weeks after relaxing before adding braids. The chemicals in relaxant make the hair weak and the braids will only damage the already fragile hair.

Using Rubber Bands, Beads or Barrettes

It’s so tempting to add accessories to your child’s hair when styling, it looks so cute with them in. However, these accessories just lead to breakage and damaged locks. The oldest and weakest part of the hair is the ends, right where the rubber bands are usually placed. This leads to breakage on the ends of the hair. If you do use rubber bands, don’t wrap too tightly, wrapping 5-6 times is enough to hold the style. Beads also cause damage to the hair. They can be heavy and put a lot of weight on the scalp.

Don’t Forget to Wash

When the hair is up on braids or cornrows it’s easy to just put it in and forget about it. Washing is more important that ever when hair is braided as it makes the hair lose moisture. Was every two weeks and pay close attention to the scalp. Start your wash by massaging the scalp and then make your way through the rest of the hair. Don’t pull on the hair too much so they style stays intact. Condition after you shampoo to help lock in moisture. Braiding makes it easier for the hair to fall out with the lack of moisture getting to the strands.Add oil and water to the hair every day to keep it from drying out.

Maintaining the Style

Keep an eye out for new growth and any hair build-up because of it. As new hair starts to grow you will notice knots at the root. To get rid of the knots, just take out the old braid and re-braid it. It will keep the style neat and fresh. When your child goes to bed, have them wear a hair net or a silk scarf. You need to protect the hair when sleeping so the braids don’t loosen. A silk pillow case works well too.

Different Types of Protective Styles

There are many protective styles that you can do to your child that don’t use hair accessories, will promote growth and lead to healthy hair. Some of our favorites include: twists, cornrows, box braids and twisted updo’s. These styles are so cute on little girls and minimize the damage to their hair. The protective style shouldn’t stay in the hair longer than 2 months to combat any breakage or hair damage. Following these style tips can help you and your daughter achieve cute styling while promoting healthy hair.

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