Razor Bumps can be Handled with the Three T’s of Shaving

Many men have hated the dreaded daily chore of shaving since the razor was invented. If you really hate it that bad you can just grow a beard and join the hipster crowd, right? Well not all workplace environments accept the beard. Industries like hospitality, entertaining, public safety or food service just say no to the beards. Buck up soldier, if your suffer with razor bumps, those pesky painful and unsightly things that can ruin the landscape of your handsome face then we have tips for you. These helpful tips will help that cure razor burnand those awful dry places left on what would have been a movie star mug were it not for the perils of shaving. This tips work for everyone, I don’t want to leave anyone out, even for you gentlemen whose necks bear the signs of scraping even though you never scraped them, then this sure fire reme-dy is for you, it’s the three T method of shaving.

Tee Number One – Time

We’re talking shaving, not golf here.Our first T in our shaving method focuses on time, as in the right time to shave. The best time is just after the shower or if you have a fog free mirror shave while you are in the shower. Washing first cleans the face and removes all the dirt and impurities that may be there that can make it hard for your razor to grab the hairs and give a close shave. The warm water also helps to soften the facial hair which makes shaving easier and less likely to cause ingrown hairs.

Tee Number 2 – Tools

Sticking with our golfing theme, Tee number 2 is all about the tools. A sharp razor is a must. Dull razors are more likely to cut the skin and make it impossible to get that close shave you’re after. My personal favorite is the multi-blade razor.You can choose three, four or five blades, they are all one articulated blade. The technology in these razors results less re-shaves which also cuts down on skin irritation. Rinse your blades after every shave in hot water to keep the clean. These blades don’t last forever either. After 3 or 4 shaves it’s time to replace the blade to ensure a close shave and less irritation. A double-edged razor works well too if that’s your thing, my father swore by them and that’s what I used when I learned to shave. If you’re an electric razor kind of guy because you like the option of wet or dry shaving, these tips still apply to you as well. That way your shave will always be on the fairway and never in the rough.

Tee Number 3 – Technique

The technique you use to shave is vital to a bump-free face. Most guys start with a downward stroke to the Adam’s apple, but don’t go below it with this stroke. Below the Adam’s apple its an upstroke but only to the line that is even with it. For a clean uniform shave all over your face, follow the downward and upward stroke with a cross stroke. This is essentially shaving across the area that you just shaved down. The result is a smooth face! After you clear your face of any excess lather or shaving cream, it’s time to apply Bump Patrol After Shave. To make the Bump Patrol more effective, apply it to the pam of one hand and use that hand to apply it directly to face. For best coverage, don’t rub your hands together, go straight from palm to face.

We didn’t forget about you guys that like a nice, clean dome. If you shave your head, every stroke should be a downwards one. Start each stroke at the crown of the head and then shave down towards the nose in the front and towards the floor for the sides and back.

Tips for the Ladies

I didn’t forget about the ladies out there, after all you can get razor bumps too and I know you like smooth underarms, legs and bikini areas. All the hair on a woman’s body grows downward. This means that when you shave you’ll have the best success if you shave down, going with the hair. The best time for you to shave is before you leave the shower, the skin is moist and the hairs have absorbed the water make for a cleaner shave.Apply your Bump Patrol just like the guys, bottle to hand, hand to the shaved part of body. With these tips and a little Bump Patrol you can say goodbye to those unsightly razor bumps.

Our motto at Bump Patrol is – Anywhere you shave every time you shave.