Razors & Shaving Techniques To Help Prevent Razor Bumps

No two words in the English language can strike fear in the minds of both men and women than these two words: razor bumps. EEEEEKKKK! More frightening than ghouls and goblins at Halloween, razor bumps are both feared and despised by men and women alike. Most of us that are of shaving age can appreciate this sentiment, but many still have the pervasive question…”How do we prevent razor bumps?” There are some pretty easy steps you can take to prevent razor bumps and here they are straight from the expert on the source, Master Barber Will Williams!

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Razor

There are just so many options for razors these days, making it difficult for the consumer to know what razor to choose. There are razors for women, and razors for men. There are safety razors, cartridge razors, straight razors, electric razors and even razors that meet specific needs such as manscaping, or facial grooming! How in the world can the layman choose? Luckily, we’ve already covered this topic at length in our two part blog series Choosing The Right Razor For Your Shaving Needs and Razor Types Deconstructed. Please check them out if you are searching for the proper razor to prevent razor bumps.

Step 2 – Prepping the Skin

When preparing skin for shaving, a warm towel can help and use a shave gel to soften the hair, and help them stand on end so they are better positioned for shaving. Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel is a great product that can provide a nice smooth shave by promoting razor glide and it is specially formulated to soothe skin and help prevent irritation and razor bumps.

Step 3 – Directional Shaving MethodTM

Both men and women should always shave with the grain, not against it. For women, the old adage “Do what your Momma told you” isn’t necessarily true. Most women were taught to shave from the ankle up, but this method can cause bumps and irritation as it is shaving against the grain of the hair growth. For best results, women should shave down the leg, from the knee to the ankle.

For men, using the Directional Shaving MethodTMprovides the best results while minimizing razor bumps and irritation. Basically, men should shave with the direction of the growth, shaving down the face until the Adams apple. Below the Adams apple, you shave upwards until you meet the line that separates the direction of hair growth. Finish with a side shave from the ear to the mouth, or the mouth to the ear. Here’s a handy-dandy visual:

Razors & Shaving Techniques To Help Prevent Razor Bumps

After you have finished shaving, use Bump Patrol Aftershave to soothe skin and get rid of razor bumps in as little as 48 hours. This product can be applied to any place you shave and is safe for men and women.

Hopefully these 3 simple steps help you eliminate razor bumps and achieve the smooth, soft skin you’ve always wanted. Check back with us for more skin care tips and expert advice from Master Barber Will Williams!