Skin Care For Men – Save It or Shave It This Summer?

It’s an age old question in regards to skin care for men and is being asked more and more these days:  save it or shave it when it comes to  beards…especially in the hot summer months.  Beards have made a huge comeback as indicated by such terms as “Beardmageddon” “Beardpocalypse” and “Growvember” just to name a few. Beards have been on trend for half a decade now, and lots of guys have questions regarding skin care for men choosing to grow or shave their beards.  Obviously, it’s a personal choice, but you should weigh the pros and cons of this facial hair style and decide what’s best for you and your skin care needs.  Here are a few reasons for saving it or shaving it this summer.


Shave It


There are a few reasons lots of guys shave their beards off and go with the clean-shaven look…especially at this time of year.  Summer, here in the south begins in May as we all know, or at least the summer heat and humidity does.  It stands to reason that guys tend to shave it this time of year in order to not feel like a sweaty mess 90 percent of the time.  Here are some other key advantages to shaving it off this summer:

  • Beard Maintenance – Beard maintenance is much more difficult than shaving alone…beards require washing, conditioning, oil treatment, styling, shaving, trimming, and special products and equipment for these grooming needs.
  • Partner Preference – Your partner may love your manly appearance, but not the scratchy feel of your kisses. Partner preference alone is a major reason guys decide to go for the big shave.
  • Clean Look = Young Look – As many men as there are whowant look more mature, there are equally as many men who want to appear younger! If you’re a mature man wanting to look just a little younger, a clean-shaven face will “shave” a few years off of your appearance.
  • Eliminate that food trap – Let’s face it, beards are traps for beverages and food! Can you imagine eating funnel cakes, cotton candy or caramel apples again at will without worry?  The summer carnival is your culinary playground with a clean shaven face!


Save It


So maybe you have goals of growing your beard for a certain amount of time or maybe a certain length?  Maybe you love the look and versatility different beard styles give you?  There are many reasons guys decide to grow or keep a beard…here are just a few.


  • Gives You a Manly Look – No doubt about it, beards give you a manly look. Historically, beards have indicated virility, strength and masculinity. Today’s trend is no different…bearded dudes just look strong, and who doesn’t want that look?


  • Eliminate Razor Bumps – Lots of guys suffer from razor bumps and razor burn and although there are products available to treat this painful condition, the sure-fire way to eliminate razor bumps is to stop shaving.


  • Strengthen the Jaw Line – If you’ve got a weak jaw line or weak chin, beards are a great way to enhance your look. Wearing a beard is a much cheaper alternative to strengthen the jaw line than invasive procedures some guys turn to.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and you’ll need decide for yourself whether to save it or shave it this summer.  With so much focus on skin care for men lately, it’s a tough decision.  Luckily no matter your decision we have an entire line dedicated to skin care for men, so check us out for all your skin care needs.