Skin Care Tips 101 Choosing A Razor– Intro To Razor Types

It’s a simple fact of life for men and women all over the world…shaving is part of our skin care routine and lots of men and women need skin care tips like how to choose the right razor. There are obviously plenty of choices on the market today, catering to the different needs of different people and different areas they might shave. Obviously, what works for one person, does not work for another, and what works for one area does not work for others. There are several factors that play into a decision on which razor to buy, such as: skin type, gender and area you are shaving. Additionally, there are lots of different razors on the market, making it hard for most people to make a good, educated choice. Here is our first blogin the series “Skin Care Tips 101 Choosing A Razor” introducing you to the various razor types available today.

Razor types

Safety Razor – Safety razors are a little less irritating on the skin as they have only a single blade and a protective barrier designed to keep less of the blade from contacting the skin.   Safety razors are used wet with shave gel and can provide a fantastic close shave while minimizing nicks, cuts and irritations such as razor bumps.

Cartridge razor – Cartridge razors are widely available and come in various iterations, from single blade all the way up to 5, and everything in between. They can have fixed or pivoting to help you in those hard-to-shave areas. Disposable razors are marketed towards men and women separately, and can really be convenient and effective for a close shave. Be sure to use a shave gel when you use one of these razors to help the blade glide gently across the skin and minimize irritation.

Electric razor – Electric razors are convenient to use since you can use them dry and on the go. They can also help those with sensitive skin or those that are prone to razor bumps. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to look into an electric razor. Some worry about not getting as close of a shave with electric razors, but this is not necessarilytrue with recent advancements, so you should give it a try if you feel it might help you overcome your sensitive skin issues. Both women and men should look for an electric razor with a pivoting head to help you avoid nicks and cuts while shaving contoured areas of your face or body.

Straight Razors – Straight razors have made a huge come back due in large part to men’s grooming salons and high end barber shops. The Art Of Shaving Franchise has certainly helped to boost the cost of barber shop shaves to the $35 to $50 price range. Since the straight razor revolution began circa 2009 many men have returned to this particular skill….and skill it is. Straight razors must be purchased after thorough research, and they must be maintained (honed and stropped.) Additionally, you must use extreme care and special shaving techniques in order to minimize nicks and cuts.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices in the shaving arena, so check out your options with these skin care tips and see what works best for you and your shaving needs. Check for our upcoming blog post – we’ll be going in-depth exploring the pros and cons of each of these razor types.