Skin Care Tips 102 Choosing A Razor – Razor Types Deconstructed

If you read our last blog “Skin Care Tips 101 Choosing A Razor – Intro To Razor Types” you’ve already got a good understanding of the various razor types available on the market today. With that being said, let’s jump right into the buying considerations and pros and cons of each of these razors to help you have a better understanding of them so you can make an informed decision. We’ve gone directly to the source for some expert input from Master Barber Will Williams to ensure you get the best skin care tips and shaving advice out there!

Safety Razor

Considerations for choosing this type of razor

  • Length of handle: the fit of the handle to hand can make a significant contribution to the comfort and closeness of the shave.
  • Blade selection: Safety razors are known as DE or double edge razors. The razors and blades were patent protected until a few years ago. Main players in the category usedhigh-grade steel rolled in sheets specifically made for blades. Since patent protection has gone away, many cheaper less effective blades are on the market, so buyer beware…choose your blades wisely.
  • Us a good shave gel with this type of razor.

Pros and Cons:

  • Cons – These razors can’t deliver as many shaves as more sophisticated blades can, so frequency of shaving and beard density will play a role in blade life.
  • Cons – Can be expensive, must change out blades.
  • Pros – Nicks are minimized when compared to the ‘cut throat’ razor that was its predecessor.
  • Pros – Provide a close, and safe shave.


Cartridge Razor

Considerations for choosing this type of razor

  • Quality multi-blade razors have pivoting heads for comfortable shaving.
  • Some handles come equipped with a headlight to illuminate the face while shaving. This isespecially useful for men who have wrinkles, dips or hollows that require special navigation.
  • Many multi-blade handles vibrate increasing the level of comfort while shaving.
  • High quality multi blade razors feature stainless steel with a titanium coating and cutting edges that are thinner than the circumference of a single hair.
  • Beware of cheap blades, which generally aren’t high quality.
  • Some multi blade handles have electric or manual extra blade for trimming mustache or goatee.
  • If you encounter irritation or razor bumps from this type of razor, you may want to consider buying a healing aftershave specifically formulated for this issue.
  • Use a shave gel with this type of razor.


Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Close shave, convenient and disposable.
  • Pros – High quality multi blade razors can yield from thirty to fifty shaves comfortably.
  • Pros – Architecture of the blades make them easy to rinse and they are rust resistant.
  • Pros – Multi blade razors represent the best of consumer shave technology.
  • Cons – can be a source of bacteria and can become expensive to change out as frequently as recommend.

Electric Razor

Considerations for choosing this type of razor

  • Quality electric razor can be used wet or dry, look for a model that can be used either way if you may be on the go.
  • Easily portable, hold a charge for up to 30 shaves – look for longer battery life.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Less irritation, less chance of nicks and cuts.
  • Pros – Quality electric razors rival manual razors for closeness.
  • Pros – Can be used by individuals who want the option of shaving anywhere anytime.
  • Pros – Can be an alternative for individuals prone to razor bumps, rash and burn.
  • Cons – Can leave razor stubble, not as close of a shave as traditional razors.
  • Cons – Face has to get used to electric razor.
  • Cons – Manual cleaning of heads and foils.
  • Cons – Not enough information on shaving regimen so many men give up on electric.

Straight Razor

Considerations for choosing this type of razor

Popular blades for straight razors are the hollow ground that feature wide shoulders and deep hollow bellys.

Popular handles are ebony and ivory. Wood, silver and gold are popular too.

Pros and Cons

Cons – Difficult to learn the straight razor shaving technique.

Cons – Can cause nicks, cuts, irritation, or even injury if used incorrectly.

Cons – Many of the razors and shaving brushes are expensive.

Pros –Gives skin a baby-soft smooth feel if done properly.

Pros – Equipment can become heirloom articles that can be passed down to future generations.

A cool quote from Master Barber, Will Williams regarding the heirloom nature of these razors, “My great grandfathers straight razor is on display in Grants Mills just outside of Charleston, SC in a heritage home that features how South Carolinians would have lived early in the 20th century.”

Thanks to Master Barber Will Williams for his expert advice on this topic, which you see can be quite complex! We hope these expert skin care tips help you explore your shaving options and make an educated decision the next time you buy a razor!