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Your clients expect a lot from you, so you demand a lot from your products.

The Sofn'free® Textures Professional Relaxer System – a great, easy-to-use system that will exceed your expectations! Infused with olive oil, shea butter, tea tree and other organic ingredients, Sofn'free Textures is the gentle, more natural way to shiny hair and a healthy scalp for your clients.

You said you needed:
  • A relaxer that breaks down hair effectively, yet is mild enough not to cause damage
  • A relaxer with buffers to protect hair and prevent damage
  • A relaxer that can be used on all hair types
  • And a relaxer that leaves your client's hair looking healthy and shiny!
We heard you and this simple relaxer system meets your every need! A simple, professional system for giving your clients stronger, healthier, shiny and soft hair. It's everything you expected – and more!

To order, call 800-707-8763
or call your distributor.
*This product line is for licensed stylists only.
Not sold in beauty supply stores.
Pre-Relaxer – 14 fl. oz.

Start with protection! The Pre-Relaxer Base with Olive Oil provides perfect pre-treatment protection and scalp conditioning all in one bottle. Simply apply it to the entire scalp, making sure to cover the ears, neck, nape and forehead. When used on previously relaxed hair, Sofn'free® Textures Pre-Relaxer Base with Olive Oil will also help to prevent over-processing.
Relaxer Créme – 8 oz, 15oz, 5.3 lbs, 10.5 lbs

Mild but not meek! This Relaxer Créme, in both regular and super strengths, is a mild but wonderfully effective, fast-acting way to relax hair to whatever texture your client prefers. From loose curls to bone-straight, the options are unlimited and your client's hair will actually look healthier and shinier after treatment! Remember to apply Sofn'free Textures Relaxer Créme to uncolored, non-relaxed hair.
Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo – 32 fl. oz.

Neutralize the action! Sofn'free Textures Neutralizing Shampoo and Conditioner quickly stops the relaxer process, and an easy-to-use color indicator system lets you know when all the relaxer has been washed from the hair. Pink foam means there is still residue. White foam means you are clear to proceed. This pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner not only cools and calms the scalp, but also will leave your client's hair feeling healthier, stronger and luxuriously soft to the touch.
7X Total Reconstructor – 32 fl. oz.

Reconstruction! Sofn'free Textures 7X Total Reconstructor is specially formulated to recondition and hydrate relaxed and colortreated hair follicles to make them stronger and more pliant for styling. Just apply to freshly shampooed hair. Massage in and comb through for even distribution. Rinse well and style. For deep conditioning, place a plastic cap on your client's head for 5 minutes. Use a dryer if necessary.
Milk & Olive for you. Olive & Sunflower for your little girl.
A favorite among many, this 1.7 fl. oz. treatment goes a long way to stop breakage and promote growth. The terrific cake batter scent will make your mouth water.
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