Summer Styles and Hair Care Tips for Your Little Princess

Most parents of young girls will tell you that it’s a tough battle between style, manageability and cleanliness when it comes to hair care these days for their daughters.  This time of year, most girls today are out there playing sports, riding bikes, swimming and getting dirty every bit as much as the boys are, but there’s one problem…dealing with their hair!

The summer months can take a toll on healthy hair…exposure to the sun and its damaging rays, heat and humidity, and chlorine and salt water can all lead to dry, damaged hair…and let’s not forget the sweat factor.  Yes, even the sweetest little princess gets sweaty these days, especially here in the south in the summer.  Most parents are looking for hair care tips to help deal with their daughter’s desire to be stylish versus maintenance of a nourishing and restorative hair care routine.  Here are some great summer styles and natural hair care products to help you care for your daughter’s hair this summer while remaining her friend!

Hair Care Tips for Damaged Summer Hair

If you’re noticing your daughter’s hair is looking dull, dry, frizzy and damaged, you’ll want to ensure you have the perfect healing ingredients in her natural hair care products.  Little girls want to feel special too, so you’ll want a hair care line specially formulated for her, with gentle, natural, moisturizing ingredients.  For shampoo day, you’ll want a gentle and nutritious shampoo that is free from sulfates, parabens, colorants and other harsh chemicals like our Sofn’free n’ pretty Olive & Sunflower Oil CombEasy Shampoo.  To add flexibility and strength to your daughter’s hair, look for natural, nourishing ingredients like olive oil and sunflower oil.  After shampooing, and rinsing, gently squeeze moisture out of your daughter’s hair with a T-shirt or microfiber cloth. Avoid terrycloth towels, as they can pull at hair, causing breakage.

Damaged hair needs a restorative repair treatment like our Sofn’freen’prettyShea Butter Damage Repair Treatment.  This restorative repair treatment strengthens, conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp while repairing damage and promoting healthy growth.  With natural ingredients like shea butter and omega 3 fatty acids, you can be sure your daughter is getting only the best in natural hair care.

Super Cute Summer Styles

Lots of parents choose protective styles for their daughters in the summer months.  Here are a few great styles to get you started.

Twists – Twists are so versatile, you can go big or small with your twists and you can wear them up or down.  Form bantu knots with your twists for another protective style that can also look great as a knot out.

Braids – Braids are super easy to install and maintain.  You can wear them up or down, go with big braids or small, from the scalp or pony tails, and don’t forget the French braid, and jumbo braid for an on-trend look.

Updos – There is quite a bit of variety here.  You can braid or cornrow up to the crown of your daughter’s head and top it off with a bun, spirals, braids or natural coils.  The sky’s the limit with this look and you can change up the top section to suit your daughter’s daily desires.

Hopefully these summer hair care tips will help you get your daughter’s hair back in shape this summer.  Our hair care line for little girls is affordable and available online for your convenience via this link.