Tips For Preventing & Repairing Summer Damaged Hair

The summer is filled with days spent by the pool, at the beach or just being outside with friends and family. While summer time is great, it’s not always so great on our hair. All the chlorine, salt water, sun exposure and humidity causing frizz, come fall you may feel like you have damaged, worn out hair. With a little TLC you can Prevent damage to your hair. If you miss the TLC no worries. We also have tips to help repair your damaged hair in no time!

Hydrating Shampoos and Conditioners

The number one issue during the summer is style failure and poofiness. Hair that has not been conditioned properly leaves room for humidity to play havoc with hairstyles. Humidity affects hair in summer by adding moisture to the hair. In winter it removes moisture from the hair. A good regimen for preventing style failure in summer.

  1. Shampoo with moisture rich shampoo or co wash. ( relaxed or natural hair types.
  2. Deep condition to make sure that hair is moisturized well from the inside(cap or steam helps with deep conditioners 20-30 min.)
  3. Rinse well and use Milk & Olive Leave In for relaxed hair, or Shea Butter Leave In for non–relaxed hair. Leave in helps seal cuticle imbrications to hold moisture in longer.
  4. A few drops of oil will further seal the cuticle and prevent rapid moisture loss as well as provide a natural shine. Employing this regimen will help to prevent style failure, poofiness and frizz.

Another hair issue after the summer season is dryness. The sun exposure and air conditioning can pull moisture out of the hair. In addition, high humidity makes hair frizzier which means we’re reaching more and more for our flat irons. A good alternative is to find styles that defy humidity. Wrapping the hair will prevent over use of curling and flat irons. Not exposing already parched strands to even more heat damage. Incorporate hydrating shampoos and conditioners into your wash regimen to replace the moisture that you’re losing. Another prevention tip :Wrapping hair at night with three to five drops of oil. Sleep in a silk or satin scarf or wrap cap. For an extra layer of protection a satin pillow cover will prevent hair drying out at night. Wake up to shiny, silky hair.


Replace Lost Moisture from the Sun

Throughout the year it’s a good idea to periodically deep condition your year. This is even more true in the summer months when your hair is in dire need of a thirst quencher. If you find that your hair feels dry and brittle apply Intense Healing Mask. Using really deep conditioner once a week to put the moisture back in to the hair that was lost from sun exposure. If you find that that conditioners weigh your hair down or if your hair is fine, only apply the treatments from mid-shaft to the ends. Your hair is driest at the ends so show the ends a little more love and make sure to smush conditioner into the ends.

Tame the Frizz

It’s almost impossible to escape the humidity of summer, regardless of where you live. Humidity is no friend to anyone’s hair. How many times have you had a great hair day and walk outside to the hot, humid air and it turns to a giant frizz ball. In the summer months it’s especially important to apply a hair oil to minimize the frizz. Avoid oils that contain mineral oil or petroleum. Apply oils from mid strand to the ends.These multitasking products repair dry strands and help hair to look smooth and frizz-free. Apply product after shampoo and leave in conditioner,before styling to damp hair. It gives your hair a boost of shine and manageability.

Trim the Ends

After the summer months it’s a good idea to get a trim, especially if you did more heat styling to battle the humidity. The best way to combat damaged ends is to trim them. Without a trim they will just continue to split and this will lead to a more serious cut. Get a trim, freshen up your cut and you’ll feel a lot better. If you color your hair, you’ll probably need a color refresh too. The chlorine, sun and salt water can fade the color or turn it brassy. Another tip: if you are going to be in the sun a lot at beach and want to preserve your hair color, mix a little sunblock with distilled water and spritz onto hair. Also caps,hats and scarves help prevent severe color changes.

Repair your Damaged Hair

Summer time is fun but it can put a lot of stress on your hair and cause it to be dull, frizzy, dry and brittle. If you can, try and wear a hat when doing outdoor activities to protect your locks from the sun’s powerful rays. Hats aren’t for everyone, so try and take care of your tresses to keep them healthy and moisturized all summer long.

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