Treat Your Healthy Hair With These Top Hairstyles for Fall/Winter 2015

Fall is most definitely here in Atlanta and it’s time you start thinking about how you’re going to maintain and show off your healthy hair during the drier months. Fall and winter’s lack of humidity can cause a moisture retention problem for women, so get yourself prepared for the upcoming seasons with the latest styles and have on hand the moisturizing products to help maintain your healthy hair. There are about as many hairstyles trending today as there are hair types, so whether you are long, short, relaxed or natural, here are some top hairstyles for fall and winter to keep you looking fabulous and on trend.

New York Fashion Week had designers showing off models with…you guessed it: Natural Hair! The natural hair trend is headed full force into 2016. New York Fashion Week showed super short natural looks, like the look model Maria Borges sported, long natural looks, and about everything in between. Clearly, if you are considering the big chop to transition, you are not too late, as naturalistas will continue to be in fashion well into 2016.

Short Looks

Celebrities like Rihanna, and Halle Berry have rocked short styles in 2015. The spiky pixie cut looks adorable and is best suited for highly textured hair types. Short boy cuts, textured pixies and short looks with long fringe towards the face or sweeping bangs are also popular short looks that can be seen on the runway. The bob is popular and can be worn short or longer shoulder length.

Long Looks

Of course natural hair is in, whether long or short, but Solange Knowles impresses us with her natural hair parted in the middle. Center parts are a big look this year for both natural hair and weaves. Twist outs and loose curls are also trending this fall and feel free to experiment with ombre, bold colors or varying shades of ash as highlights to make your long tresses stand out.

Protective Styles

Of course, protective styles are a mainstay for those wanting to maintain healthy hair and look stylish throughout the year. From busy executives, to glamorous celebrities, women are seen everywhere rocking stunning protective styles. Although they are know to be low-maintenance, protective styles do require some care. Read more on caring for your protective style Here. To keep your protective style fashion forward, check some of the trending protective styles:

  • Box Braids – Box braids have made a comeback as of late. They can be worn long or short and can be styled so many different ways. Box braids are a great protective style to help maintain healthy hair through the drier months. Experiment with box braids by putting them up in a high or low bun, side or back pony, combining them into larger braids or twists…the possibilities are endless.
  • Twists – Senegalese twists and havana twists are achieved by similar methods, but vary in thickness of the twist and texture of the twisted hair. These twists are all hot and on-trend looks in and of themselves, and they can also be styled into many fashionable looks just like box braids. Check out our recent blog post on how to rock protective styles.

We hope you’ll be inspired to check out some of these trending looks for your healthy hair this fall and winter.