July 06, 2020


It may not feel like fall outside, especially in our quest for healthy hair with less frizz, but it is indeed officially fall!   It’s been a brutally hot and humid summer, especially here in the south, and those conditions are not ideal for naturally curly hair, even if it’s healthy hair.  Summer months are particularly tough on our hair, causing frizz, damage, loss of elasticity leading to dry, brittle hair for many.  So what’s the cause?  Too much summer fun!  Summer’s outdoor activities generally bring about sweat, sun exposure, exposure to salt water and chlorine, not to mention the damage we inflict on our hair from daily use of heat, manipulation from styling and product build up.  So what’s a curly girl to do to repair the damage and restore her healthy hair?  Luckily we’ve got the perfect combination of ingredients to help you restore your healthy hair and give you that shiny healthy appearance you want.

It all starts with deep conditioning

If your hair is suffering the consequences of too much summer fun, you really need to use a deep conditioning treatment on a routine basis.  Deep conditioning treatments are available in your local salon, or you can do them in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.  Our sof’n’freeGroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning Treatment is full of oils and proteins essential for nourishment and growth.  It can promote healthy hair growth, stop breakage, and rebuild, strengthen and protect hair with its combination of natural ingredients like milk protein, olive oil, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Bring out the ingredients that pack a punch

If you’re serious about your quest for healthy hair, you need to have the very best ingredients in your hair care products.  Our new GroHealthyShea& Coconut is the perfect blend of two of the very best and well known ingredients for healthy hair.  Our Shea& Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo helps to repair, rebuild and moisturize damaged hair.  Follow up with our Shea& Coconut Moisture Rich Conditioner or our Shea& Coconut Leave-In Conditioner both with Omega 3 fatty acids to promote healthy hair.

Fight the frizz factor

If you don’t have healthy hair, then you’re likely familiar with frizz.  Summer and frizz go hand in hand, and most women with curly hair have battled frizz on occasion.  If you’re fighting the frizz factor going into fall, grab a bottle of our GroHealthyShea& Coconut Flat Out Frizz Fighter with Omega 3.  You’ll fall in love with it’s frizz fighting power and before you know it you’ll be well on your way to the healthy hair you’ve been dreaming of.

Our GroHealthyShea& Coconut Curling Custard and Smooth Edges help you finish off your look and also promote healthy hair with their combination of the same winning hair care ingredients.  Give all of these products a try this fall, and restore your healthy hair and its natural shine!