July 07, 2020


The obsession with heating tools for hair is reducing with the realization of the damage it does to hair. Until the recent past, women believed that straightening their hair was the best way to look presentable in gatherings and professional settings. In the early 2000s, Lorraine Massey’s book, Curly Girl: More than just hair… it’s an attitude started a new trend for women with wavy and curly hair. Massey encouraged women to stop using damaging hair products and use conditioners and styling methods that retained the natural pattern of the hair.

Of course, leaving harmful products is not the only requirement to presentable hair-dos for curls. Every morning, women wake up with their curls in a wreck. Washing them with water and then waiting for them to be air-dried naturally is not the most viable solution, especially for those who need to start their day early. This is why the The Curl Wake Up Spray is so helpful! With the spray (available for purchase on our website), curls which open up and tangle over-night or after being covered can be revived within a few minutes. The spray is weightless and has moisturizing properties. It can be worn on both wet and dry hair, and leave your hair looking soft. Unlike other products which make natural hair look dry and crunchy (and sometimes, excessively oily), this product’s formula is just right! Even better is that the product is extremely affordable for those who want to maintain their curls on a budget.

The Curl Wake Up Spray and other similar products are helping women gain confidence in being themselves and not giving into harmful habits to look good. Dove’s Love your curls campaign shared similar sentiments and received global support after it showcased the degree to which girls grow up hating the way they look. Six out of ten girls on average grow up believing their curly hair is not beautiful and are resentful about it. Dove’s campaign encouraged girls and women to embrace their natural curls and be confident in the way they look. The Curl Wake Up Spray eases the process to a whole new level!

For all the curlies out there: start wearing your hair naturally. And to all the naysayers you come across who give unwanted advice about how you should tame your curls, wear it loud and clear: TALK TO THE HAIR! Shirts available at our eStore in two exciting colors and three sizes in a flattering v-neck style.