July 04, 2020


With Labor Day fast approaching, you know we’ve had extreme heat and humidity for months now, especially here in the south, and there’s no worse time to be dealing with razor bumps.  We’ve got our summer skin glowing and then we’re hit with those unsightly razor bumps…not cool!  We’ve got some great tips for you to rid yourself of those bumps, no matter where they are, and no matter who you are, just in time for those Labor Day outdoor plans.

For everyone:

Razor bumps are best controlled preventively, and fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid getting them in the first place.  First and foremost, use the right razor.  Never use an old, dull blade, and choose a shaving tool that suits your needs.  Here’s an in depth look at shaving implements from our recent blog post.

For the guys:

If you’re in a regular shaving routine, it’s likely you’ve suffered from razor bumps at one time or another.  It is not only an unsightly condition, it’s also painful, and razor bumps can become infected and require medical attention on occasion.  For guys, shaving in the direction of hair growth can require a road map!  Luckily…we’ve got one for you!

As you can see, the growth pattern on your face can be a little complex, but if you follow our Bump Patrol Directional Shave Method, take your time, and use the proper tools, you’ll be in good shape.

For the ladies:

It may seem like an easy task to shave your legs, but I bet there are many of you that are shaving the wrong way.  If you’re starting at your ankles and pulling up toward your knee, you’re going against the growth pattern of your hair.  Remember, to avoid irritation and razor bumps, you should always shave with the grain or pattern of hair growth. This means shaving legs from the knees down, rather than outward.  If you are shaving against the grain, applying too much pressure, or making multiple passes on each section, you’ll be more likely to cause irritation and razor bumps, and nobody wants that!

If you do find yourself battling the bumps this summer, you can find relief.  Since most of us can’t (or don’t want to) stop shaving (which is the best remedy for razor bumps) we’ve got a few great products to help you heal and get back that smooth skin everybody wants in the summer.  Our Bump Patrol Maximum Strength Aftershave Treatment is Dermatologist recommended and could provide results after the first shave!  In addition, our Bump Patrol Moisturizer soothes, calms and heals irritated skin and guards against bumps.  Finally, our Bump Patrol Shave Gel and Pre Shave Oil can sooth your skin, leaving it soft, and smooth and will provide a nice glide for your blade.

So, as you get ready for that last party of the summer, get rid of razor bumps the right way with Bump Patrol, and you’ll be keeping it smooth as we move into fall!