Mera Shampoo Black Seed Oil & Lemon-Orange Complex

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Product Description: 

This premium shampoo is great for anyone that has oily hair or suffers from scalp irritation.

It produces a deep, rich lather and is loaded with nutrients that will breathe new life into your dull, lifeless hair and inflamed scalp.

Silky Smoothness and Beautiful Eye-Catching ShineThe hydrating formula quenches the scalp and follicles while repairing dry and brittle strands. It quickly eliminates frizz, leaving you with a sleek and glossy texture that is sure to turn heads.

Fortifies Hair Like No Other- The vitamins and minerals found in this shampoo work in harmony to not only make your hair look fantastic, but nourish it as well. It promotes health and less breakage, with nutrients and UV protection that shield against harmful outdoor elements. You’ll enjoy stronger strands and less split ends with regular use!

Made From Natural, Raw, Sustainable Ingredients- Amla Mera Black Seed Oil Shampoo is vegan and gluten free. It contains NO colorants, parabens, petrolatum, silicone or sulfates. It’s suitable for both men and women.

Pamper yourself with this natural shampoo that gives your locks life and bounce, while keeping them clean and fresh day in and day out! Say goodbye to flat looking strands forever with this volumizing miracle shampoo!

So, what are you waiting for?

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Pure. Simple. Amla Mera.


Mera Conditioner Black Seed Oil & Lemon-Orange Complex

Mera Amla


Amla Oil Shampoo

Mera Amla


Amla Oil Conditioner

Mera Amla